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Utah Disqualification

Utah Disqualifier Guidelines Below are some reasons that a permit may be denied, suspended or revoked.

Issue Time Span for Disqualification


Time Span for

Class C and B Misdemeanors   3 Years
Class A Misdemeanors Traffic offenses other than DUI do not apply (i.e. speeding, no insurance, etc.)   5 Years
DUI -Alcohol related, reckless or similar conviction.   6 Years
Juvenile Felony Conviction
  7 Years
Juvenile Felony Conviction Violent, crimes against person   10 Years
Felony Conviction
Unless dismissed, reduced to a misdemeanor or expunged
Domestic Violence
Unless dismissed, reduced to a misdemeanor or expunged
Protective Orders
Unless removed, must be a family member or cohabitate
Mentally Incompetent Adjudicated by a state or federal court, Unless withdrawn or reversed   Lifetime
Danger To Self Or Other Threat of or attempt of suicide, with or without an arrest or conviction   Lifetime
Past Pattern of Violent Behavior   Revocation
Time frame based on the CFP Boards decision

* All time frames start from the date the case is closed, including probation, fines court imposed actions, etc.

Reason for Suspension:
Charged with a crime of violence / Has an outstanding warrant /Indictment on a felony

Moral Turpitude Disqualifiers Include but are not limited to:
Theft, Fraud, Tax Evasion, Issuing bad checks, Interference with a police officer, Fleeing, Resisting Arrest, Failure to obey police, Obstruction of Justice, Wildlife violations involving a weapon, Bribery, Perjury, Extortion, Arson, Criminal Mischief, Falsifying Government Records, Forgery, Receiving stolen property, Firearms Violations, Burglary, Vandalism and Kidnapping

The following crimes are also disqualifiers: Unlawful sexual conduct, pornographic and harmful material, offenses involving the use of alcohol (i.e. illegal use or consumption, etc.) and offenses involving the use of narcotics.