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Illinois Concealed Carry License/Weapon (CCL/CCW) Courses

The Illinois State Police (ISP) requires 16 hours of training to qualify for the Illinois CCL/CCW permit. In addition, the ISP requires that students complete a live-fire range qualification (discharging 30 rounds minimum at 5, 7 & 10 yards at a B27 target with 70% acuracy). Furthermore, the applicant can purchase optional “live-scan” fingerprinting services to expedite and assure correct background check process completion – in order to qualify for the Illinois CCL/CCW. An applicant can opt-out of the live-scan fingerprinting and submit his/her Illinois CCL/CCW application without – but this will automatically cause a delay in CCL/CCW permit approval and can, if the background check cannot be completed without fingerprints, delay the CCL/CCW application process (you could be asked to submit fingerprints).

Class Option 1: - Illinois CCL/CCW 8 Hour Mandatory 1 Day Class & Range-Qualification (range portion can be completed on a different day)
Best and recomemded only for applicants who have the completed “first” 8 hours of ISP approved prior training. The ISP approved training includes: Utah CFP (4 hours); Florida CCW (4 Hours); Active/Retired/Honarably Discharged Military (8 Hours); NRA Basic Pistol (8 Hours); NRA PPITH (8 Hours); NRA PPOUT (8 Hours) & Chicago Permit (4 Hours). The applicant will be responsible to bring PROOF of class completion (e.g. certificates, copy of DD-214 etc...).

Class Option 2: - Illinois CCL/CCW 12 Hour Class – (12 hours of class and proof of 4 hours completed prior training)
Typically a 1.5 day class & range-qualification (can and may be split across multiple days) Best and recommended for applicants who have completed a 4 hour ISP approved prior training class (and have proof of completion).

Class Option 3: - Illinois CCL/CCW 16 Hour Class – (16 Hours of class)
Typically a 2 day class and range qualification (can be split across multiple days). Best for applicants who have no prior – approved (or any kind) of firearm training.

Course Fee
$150.00 (Option 1), $200.00 (Option 2), $275.00 (Option 3), - Class fees do not include the permit fee of $150.00 to the ISP for residents or $300.00 for non-residents of Illinois. This class can be purchased during any Illinois Concealed Carry, LLC. training course or on our website.
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